Properly used, most electric shavers can offer the user a shave that is every bit as close as, if not closer than a shave obtained from a blade razor. Why is this possible? An electric shaver rolls up the skin ahead of the whisker forcing the whisker up above what would be considered the skin line where it is then cut off You might think of this as shaving your whisker off below the skin line since the whiskers are forced up before they are sheared off.

Other benefits of electric shaving are its ease of use and absence of cuts and scrapping irritation. You can even shave with your shirt and tie on with an electric shaver; most men wouldn't attempt this with a blade razor. The time spent shaving is so variable with the individual that it would be debatable as to whether blade razor or electric shaving is the faster, but most men would opt for the electric shaver as the quicker, less messy, more convenient way to shave.

Let us offer you some tips for better electric shaving that we have found beneficial over the years.

First, clean your shaver's screen and cutter regularly. On most shavers you can lift off the head frame which holds the screen, and gently brush out the whisker dust from the underside with the cleaning brush all manufacturer's furnish with their product. Do not touch the screen itself with the cleaning brush. It is very fragile. Below the screen is the cutter and that's the part you need to brush out with your cleaning brush. Get all of the accumulated whisker dust out of the cutter so that it can properly apply its metal surfaces to the task of cutting off your whiskers. Whisker residue built up on the cutters can seriously impair the effectiveness of your shaver.

It is best to clean your shaver after every third shave, and preferably after every shave. The weekly use of a cleaning solution such as Parks Shaver Cleaner is recommended for a really thorough cleaning.

Second, the metal surfaces of your screen and your cutter need lubrication. Spray a product such as Shave Ease, an aerosol lubricant, on the shaving screen while the shaver is running. This immediately frees up any metal against metal binding. Use this lubricant sparingly. No need to wipe it off. Proceed with your shaving. You'll notice a pick up in the sound level of your shavers motor which tells you that it is then operating at its maximum power level.

Do this daily, while the shaver is running, just before you shave.

Third, use gentle pressure against your beard and shave against the grain of your beard growth. Do not press down hard, or move your shaver too rapidly over your face. This will not get you a closer shave but will cause your shaver head to wear out quicker.

Fourth, many men who have very sensitive skin report that it helps them to shave the most tender areas of their face (the neck area below the jawbone) first and then move up to the tougher areas of their face in the areas between the ears, nose, and mouth. Some shavers generate heat on their shaving surfaces and heat can cause irritation. So shave the tender areas of your face first while the shaver head is coolest.

Fifth, if you have been using a different brand electric shaver than the one you are switching over to, then please allow some breaking in time. Although most shavers have somewhat similar shaving principles, their "in use" applications differ. Give yourself a week or two for your face to adjust to your new shaver.

If you have been using a blade razor, then you must give your face a minimum of 2-3 weeks to adjust to electric shaving. Why? Well, every time you shave with a razor you actually take off a very thin layer of skin. With electric shaving, you are shaving at or below the skin line. So, you need this 2-3 weeks adjustment time to get rid of the replacement scar tissue that the body produces after every razor blade shave. You don't produce this scar tissue with electric shaving. And don't fluctuate back and forth between blade shaving and electric shaving if you want to achieve the many benefits of electric shaving. Be determined, and stick with your decision to use an electric shaver.

We'll pass on some other Tips For Better Electric Shaving at a later date. Please check out our "IN THE NEWS" section for new shaving and product information. For the present remember to keep your shaver heads clean and lubricated, use a light touch, and stay with it.